Here’s 3 easy tips to take better care of your Raw denim, from years of experience, working for huge denim brands and conversing with many a die hard denim fans I learned the following. 

In case you don’t know, Denim is dyed using a natural dye called Indigo. Denim starts raw in a true deep indigo and requires a wash treatment to soften, however the heavier the wash the lighter the denim becomes. In order to preserve the rich indigo colour, create natural fade and unique folds from the individual wearer, you have to take special care when cleaning this amazing fabric.

Raw denim, sometimes referred to as dry denim, refers to an unwashed garment that will be dark, stiff, and rich in dye. In a world of mass produced, pre-faded denim, wearing the perfect piece in raw denim will make you stand out from the crowd. Your pieces will fade, stretch, and change over time with you. You will create a unique fit and fade particular to you and your lifestyle.

A piece made of good raw denim is a long-term investment,  you should care for it properly. A real quality piece will exceed $200. Realise though that raw denim can effectively be worn everyday for the rest of your life if it is taken proper care of. There are many schools of thought on the topic. But I’m here to tell you the only three things you need to know about denim care. 


You're probably used to wearing your denim a certain way, and you might be worried that raw denim will change that. But we've got news for you: it won't!

Raw denim is just like any other type of denim —you can wear them however you want. You can run around, or lounge. Go live your best life with these items. They are durable and hard wearing and will only get better with time.


I've heard it all: "Don't wash them for six months", "Don't wash them for a year", and even, "Never, ever wash your jeans."  

To be fair, when I was younger and unaware of what raw denim was, I wore a pair of Raw Twisted Levi’s that I nicked from my mum. I just wore them the same way I wear all of my pants. I’d wear them for a few days. Put them away. Wear them again, spill on them, wash them and hang them dry. I didn’t think about it, and they still look pretty damn good. I recommend going as long as you can without washing, but that’s up to you, either way the higher quality product will still stand up great over time regardless.

Stains: Treat topical stains with a sponge and cold water, If you have a more stubborn stain that you really can’t live with then it might be time to wash your piece. 

Miss Shaped: If your denim begins to puff out around the butt, elbow and knee areas, then it might be time to wash your denim. 

Really Bad Smells: If your denim starts to smell like the jockstrap of a middle linebacker at the end of the 3rd quarter, then it might be time to wash your denim.

Washing:  Simply put them in the washing machine. Keep in mind though, you only need 1/8th the usual amount of detergent. Pick a rinse cycle with minimal spin and use cold water. Hang your denim up to dry, Put them on damp and make sure you reshape your piece on body while it is still malleable 

If you’re obsessed with NOT washing them ( Like me ), then here are two ways I keep mine fresh for months.

Stains: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work wonders. But a rag and some water will also work pretty well. 

Smells: Use Febreze or put them in the freezer for 24 hours. The cold will kill any foul smelling bacteria.

Make sure you seal them in a zip lock bag before putting them in the freezer. You want to avoid them from getting wet, otherwise you will end up with a frozen pair of pants!


The last and most important thing is to give your denim time to wear and fade. It will be totally worth it when you look at them a year or two from now and see the difference. If you follow our guide on how to take care of raw denim, your pieces will look great for the rest of your life.

Below Are some examples of Classic Raw / Vintage Denim Pieces.