Yahoo Entertainment - RealityTea - Interview w/ Natashia.

Yahoo Entertainment - RealityTea - Interview w/ Natashia.

EXCLUSIVE: OMG Fashun Episode 4, Winner’s Walk Interview With Natashia

E!’s OMG Fashun now has a fourth winner in Natashia Miyazaki. She just appeared in Episode 104, called “She Wears the Pants.” Just like in 103, Natashia also filmed wearing her own designs, catching the favor of all three of her judges. It’s always good to start on the right foot with icons like Julia Fox, Law Roach, and Tommy Dorfman, so well done, Nats.

Natashia’s Instagram showcases her beautiful, “responsibly sourced” designs. In addition, her brand is “gender neutral,” which makes her the perfect candidate for this episode. In all, Natashia managed to edge out her fellow Disruptors, taking home the win. Following this, Natashia met up with Reality Tea’s writer Amy DeVore, where she further elaborated on all things OMG Fashun.



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